Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heartstrings ♥

Whenever I'm not out partying or hanging out with my friends during weekends, you will probably catch me the whole day in my room either reading a book or in front of my portable DVD watching American or Korean drama series.

Since I'm done with Lie To Me Season 3, The Killing Season 1 and Merlin Season 4, aside from the weekly series I've been continuously watching (i.e. The Vampire Diaries Season 3, The Secret Circle Season 1, Glee Season 3 and Supernatural Season 7), Fridays and Saturdays are usually spent watching Korean drama series. For a change naman. In fact, I love watching Korean TV series. It's a lot lighter compared to our own drama series "soap opera". Unlike Korean drama series kasi, it's a lot more funnier, the story per se is light, unique and very romantic pa, at napansin ko lang, kahit walang script o salita yung isang romantic scene, e nakakakilig pa rin. Compared sa napapanood ko dito sa movie or television, ang dami nang sinabing mabubulaklak na salita pero minsan corny pa rin. Hahaha! Pero hindi ko naman nilalahat. :P I mean, Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo's team up are awesome! At in fairness, kinilig talaga ako. Yun' ang tinatawag na chemistry. :D 

Oh well.. hindi ako fan ng Korean pop music, whatsoever. But this one.. it's different. It's refreshing to hear something new out from the usual songs that I listen to everyday. I love the melody and the feeling that it gives me after listening to it. Buong araw ko yatang pinakikinggan ito last Monday. Kahit hindi ko naman naintindihan yung lyrics at ang message ng kanta. Hahaha!! Basta ang alam ko, nakaka-in love yung song! ^_^

With Korean Subtitle

With English Subtitle

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 26: THE PROPOSAL ♥

While my bestfriend Roffel and I, our little accomplice, Inchang and our new friend, Rose together with THE boyfriend, Pao were busy setting up all the props for the "PROPOSAL", Ben on the other hand, (and on the other side of the world), my eldest sister's boyfriend and the father of her child, Quentin, was on his knee, proposing for my sister's hand in marriage at the stroke of midnight whilst the fireworks for the celebration of the national holiday of Australia. Wheeew! ♥

Ate Rona, Ben and the Engagement Ring. See that stone? ;-)

My bestfriend Jaja and her fiance, Pao. :)


I love weddings and all the stuff there is. Who doesn't, right? It's every women's dream. But after tonight, after all the preparations we made, it's official.. I LOVE ENGAGEMENTS AND PROPOSALS. :)

Love is in the air. ♥

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Proposal ♥

I received a call this morning and rejected it twice.. because the number wasn't registered on my phonebook. ;P Then I received a text message after a minute or two. Turned out it was my bestfriend, Roffel. She told me that Paolo, our other bestfriend's boyfriend, called her earlier and asked us a favor if we could both come by to their place today.

And so we did.

Roffel and I went to their condo the afternoon and met Paolo. And guess what, my hunch was right. The reason why Paolo called us was to ask for our help because tomorrow he is about to seal their 6-year relationship. Damn straight! He's going to propose to Jaja. *faints in happiness*

Hindi maalis ang ngiti ko sa labi at ang kilig ko for Jaja and Pao. Took me like half an hour to pull myself together. I'm sooo kinikilig talaga. Hahaha! I can't help it! I even had to pause every now and then when the thought of "Paolo proposing to Jaja" sank in my head, so I could just went back to my composure. CRAZY!! I'm even holding back my tears as I write this. Hahaha! Such a cry baby. Feeling ko ako ang ikakasal. Ambisyosa!! Bwahaha. But kidding aside, I truly am happy for Jaja. My heart is bursting in joy for her and Pao. It feels amazingly wonderful that at this point of Jaja's life, she already has found her soulmate. :') *teary-eyed*

Naalala ko tuloy bigla yung introdutcion sa My Amnesia Girl na movie ni John Lloyd at Toni. Haha. :D

Sabi sa census, may 11 milyon na tao sa Metro Manila. Paano mo malalaman na nahanap mo na yung taong para sa’yo? Maaring nakita mo na siya, pero yumuko ka para magsintas. Maaring nakatabi mo na siya, pero lumingon ka para tingnan ang traffic lights. Maaring nakasalubong mo na siya pero humarang yung pedicab.

May mga maswerteng tao na nahanap na yung taong para sa kanila. May mga taong patuloy na naghahanap at may iba na sumuko na. Pero yung pinakamasaklap, eh yung na sayo na, pinakawalan mo pa... :(

(My Amnesia Girl, 2010)

True enough! Paolo and Jaja are so lucky that they have found each other. Sa mga panahong ito kung saan usong uso ang annulment, divorce, separation, broken family, cheating, third-party, breakups at kung anu ano pang reasons why LOVE fails, Jaja and Pao's love story and relationship is one proof that LOVE lasts ONLY if you choose and stand to fight for it, work hard for it and have faith in it. Their love story made me believe even more that TRUE LOVE still does exist. ♥ Patuloy pa rin akong maniniwala na mayroong wagas at tunay na pagibig. Naks, ang lalim. Hahaha. *MUSHY*

Ang corny ko na yata. Hahaha! ;D 

Anyway, I just do hope that tomorrow we could nail this "PROPOSAL" perfectly. Fingers crossed. I got a feeling that it will be a romantic day for the four of us. And, I'm pretty sure, bubuhos ang mga luha bukas. Tears of joy yun for sure. At hindi ko pipigilan ang sarili kong maiyak. Dahil ito ang unang beses na makakasaksi ako ng PROPOSAL. Nang bestfriend ko pa at ni Pao. Two people who are so close and dear to my heart. So tomorrow's event.. it has to be special.. it has to be memorable.. and most of all, it has to be magical. Haaay, I'm such a hopeless romantic. Roffel and I, we will make sure that everything is going to be PERFECT!

And, to Pao, Thank you! Thank you that you chose Roffel and I.. thank you for trusting us to set everything for your proposal. Thank you for sharing this very significant event in you and Jaja's life with us. Roffel and I are so grateful. It means a lot to us. :) Salamat ng marami, Pao. So pano bukas.. Let's make your proposal a bomb!! ♥ AJA. :D

Oh, and about the details of the proposal? Sorry, hindi pwedeng i-reveal..haha! Bukas ko na lang ikukwento. ;-)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

An overview.

So this is my brief opinion regarding the Impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. In fact, the first chief justice to try for an impeachment due to the following grounds: a) betrayal of public trust b) failure to disclose to the public his SALN as required under Sec. 17, Article XI of the 1987 Constitution c) graft and corruption d) betrayal of public trust through his partiality in granting a temporary restraining order in favor of former President Gloria Arroyo and her husband in order to give them an opportunity to escape prosecution.

Highlights during the Impeachment Trial:

Day 1: Senator-Judge Cayetano made an appeal to amend the ruling vs summoning Corona family. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile puts it to vote.

Day 2: The Prosecution panel was unprepared to present the very Article 2 they themselves offered they preferred to present.

Day 3: Evidence inaction by the Prosecution team. Ultimate grammar lecture showdown between Sen. Enrile and Rep. Tupaz.

   TUPAZ: Mr. President, did you mean for the witness to consult the defense lawyers?
   ENRILE: No, I said for the defense to consult the respondent for the witness, do you know what respondent means??

(Hahaha! Manong Johnny, you are soooo, so GENIUS! And, cute as hell. Had Senator Miriam Santiago was there and present at the trial, I bet it would be more an awesome and coolest show for a trial ever!! lol )

Day 4: The Clerk of Court as directed by Sen. Drilon presented to the impeachment court the SALN of Chief Justice Corona. 


Article 2's argument is that, the failure of Corona to disclose his SALN (Statement of Assets and Liabilities Network) was a case of violation of Constitution and therefore, betrayal of public trust. TAKE NOTE, it was not an allegation of his accumulation of wealth but his failure to disclose his SALN. Unfortunately, the prosecution themselves showed before the public and the impeachment court that Chief Justice Corona had regularly filing his SALN. So, what's the case if he's regularly doing it? The problem with the prosecution is, they want to convict CJ in the case of ill-gotten wealth. WHERE in fact their complaint was on his failure to disclose his SALN.

Ibig sabihin, kinasuhan mo ako ng hindi ko pagdeklara ng SALN ko tapos gusto mo akong madiin sa kasong ill-gotten wealth? This is technically wrong which the defense lawyers objected. If the defense lawyers will not object on this technically wrong way of convicting their client, then, what is the purpose of their existence?

And, when the clerk of court submitted to the Senate the SALN on Day 4 of the Impeachment Trial, that was the end of Article 2. Ultimately, the question here is, did CJ Corona fail to submit his SALN? The answer? NO. He did not fail. He submitted his SALN. End of story. Move on na. Article 1 na tayo or 6? Seriously. What's wrong with these people?!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Coldplay and Boyce Avenue

I just really couldn't help myself.. but this music video (though I already had it posted here in my blog last year) needs to be here and really have to stay for good in my blog so whenever I get the chance to open my account and blog nonsense, I can just easily play it on the background whilst blogging my heart and crazy mind out. I am more in love than ever!!!♥

And, this Boyce Avenue version is as equally so cool. Astig! I love how their acoustic version had given the song an additional sexiness on it! His strumming and husky voice are so damn good! ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Thoughts

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Parents abroad, law school, my sister and I's Visa application to Australia and my personal relationship status. It stresses the hell out of me! I think this is what they call "Midlife Crisis". Hahaha!!!

Yes, I am not getting any younger and most of the time, if not always, I realized I'm getting older and older each day and how it sucks bigtime. Being responsible for your sister's welfare, the house, bills to pay, the chores and how my mathematical skill magically did an excellent job over the years because of budgeting (haha) and more importantly, being a mother-and-father to my younger sister for almost six years now is not an easy job after all. Apparently, after these years ngayon pa lang nagsi-sink in sa akin ang lahat. Goodness! Took me six f*cking years to realize all that! I better give myself a pat on the shoulder and tell myself, "Hey, you've done a good job so far!" Yeah. So far! Hahaha..

Valentine's day is just around the corner. I couldn't believe that I would reach this far. Magiisang taon na akong single. Well, technically speaking. ;P

I would like to think that it's perfectly okay. And, it is, actually! I felt that I'm a lot braver now than I was before. In fact, I'm having the time of my life. I enjoyed having more time for myself and the out-of-town trips I had with my HS and college friends. A new breathe of fresh air.

Until one day, something hit me.

It's like I'm stuck in this place of oblivion where everybody seems to forgot that I existed. It's like suddenly you were no longer a part of something that you cared so much about. I felt betrayed. Set aside. Forgotten. Abandoned. The thought of it alone scares me. I can't seem to find my way out. It saddens me. My heart's grieving in a way I can't explain. :(

Tough days.

I hope all these anxiety-attacks shall pass anytime soon. I don't want to grow all these negativity inside me and eat me alive.

I'm sure I will be okay. Of course, I will. I know it.

I know I will.

I just hope so. *SIGH*

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Spent the first few minutes of 2012 watching fireworks do their magic above the sky then an intimate dinner afterwards with my little sister and Ate Linda, our maid, plus the two dogs. :) Nothing so spectacular. We didn't even light a firework. We opted not to since there was no one willing to light even one. Hahaha! Scared the sh*t out of us. Well.. Hahaha!

Then spent the next three hours watching Being Human Season One, a TV series. Josh is a cutie and Sally has the sexiest lips ever! I'm so envious! Hahaha. :D

Spent the day with the fam bam and ended the first day of 2012 hearing mass, thanking God for a prosperous and memorable 2011 despite all the tragedies happened left and right. I guess that's His way of reminding us that HE do exist. People nowadays tend to forget what's more important and they forgot to say thanks and even whisper some prayer every now and then. So before it's too late, say thank you for all the blessings you had received last 2011 and ask for more abundance and guidance from Him because if you are not aware.. we have a God who is soooo good all the time. :) Remember that! 

Happy twenty-twelve everyone! ♥