Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Weddings: CHUCK TAYLOR

Wearing Chuck Taylor shoe on a daily basis has always been my biggest frustration. I don't feel comfortable wearing it. I have this perception that Chucks on me looks baduy. Hahaha! So I don't normally wear them even if my heart is telling me that I should, at least, give it a try. Though I don't wear chucks.. I do have three pairs of them in different colors: Pink, Red and Gray. Looking at them once in a while is enough. Masaya na ako kahit hindi ko sila nasusuot. Cheap thrill of mine! :)

There were only four occasions that I remembered wearing them. Two of which are:
..on a Rainy Red Chucks Monday.

..Bohol Trip last November 2011.

Why am I telling this for my Friday Wedding blog entry?

Well, have you seen the movie, A Cinderella Story which stars Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray? That was the very first time I saw a Pink Chuck Taylor shoe paired on a white wedding-like-gown. And the ultimate reason on why I hurriedly got myself a pair of (my very FIRST) Chuck Taylor shoe at the mall the next day after watching it. And it has to be PINK, too. :)

It really never occurred to me, not even a slightest chance, that Chuck Taylor shoe on a wedding gown could actually look that pretty cool, awesome and cute. In fact, it looks "astig" for me. So if a Cowboy Boots wont work on me in the future and should everything else fail.. I'm resorting to this idea of wearing a Pink or a Red Chuck Taylor shoe for my own wedding in the future. :)

Hindi ako fan ni Oyo Boy Sotto at Kristine Hermosa.. but their wedding was so cool! Ang astig!!! After watching the video and after learning that they both use white Chuck Taylor as their wedding shoe made me wanna consider it more and wear chucks for my own wedding someday. SOMEDAY, Denise! ;) Someday...

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