Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Today is a rare occasion. This day happens once every four years. It's called Leap Year. I personally don't know the historical background about it but there's one thing I know for a fact.

That in Ireland, Leap year has been a traditional time wherein women can propose marriage to the man they love.

Actually, I only learned about this when I saw the movie, which later on turned out to be one of my favorite romantic movie, which also carry the same title, Leap Year. 

My thoughts?

Well.. as far as I could remember, am still the same traditional and conservative Denise that I know. I would still prefer the guy to propose on his knee and ask my parents for my hand in marriage. Ain't it romantic?

And, since I'm also too curious about the history of this Leap Year tradition in Ireland, you may like to click the link below: 

And before I end this blog entry, I would like to grab this opportunity since it's not every year that we get the chance to see this date February 29 in our calendars. So, CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend, a very very good friend indeed, my college barkada, a family and a soulmate, Ms. Erlou Valera Salunat for passing the November 2011 Bar Exams. And to her boyfriend, Mr. Chillon Dion Collado who's been a part of our barkada ever since they got together, CONGRATULATIONS to you both.

Attorney na kayo, PRAISE GOD! :)
Atty. Erlou Valera Salunat and Atty. Chillon Dion Agyapas Collado

Congratulations to the new Lawyers in town. And, to all my former classmates in UST, my college and law school classmates in FEU and to my gorgeous Portian sisters, I'm so PROUD of you all. ♥

Tale as Old as Time

My favorite Disney movie, aside from Cinderella, Snow White and Aladdin. ♥

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Math, Why must you be so complicated? Love, Denise.

I hope that in my next life, I become a mathematician. Or a chemical engineer. And if life wasn't so short, I might have just taken both up. Just to see what's not to like. Or why it's so hard... if it's even really hard at all. I mean, just because I don't like it or hate it, doesn't mean I can't possibly be good at it. I want to be like Walter Bishop in my next life. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Blues

If by any chance I turn 30 and remain single, siguro magma-madre na lang ako. Matagal na rin itong naglalaro sa utak ko eh. Besides yun talaga ang first dream ko. ;D

Ayy.. in fact, pangarap talaga yun ng Mama ko, kinopya ko lang! Hahaha. Bata pa kasi ako noon. I think I was eight or nine. Marami pa akong hindi naiintindihan. I remember that exact day when I asked my mom about her dream. We were in the kitchen and she was preparing two glasses of milk for me and my little sister. I asked her, "Mama, anong gusto mong maging paglaki mo?" She replied, "Gusto ko maging madre". I bombarded her again with a follow up question, "Bakit madre?" Then she quipped, "Kasi I wanted to serve God at magsuot ng abito." Voila!! The exact reason why I want to become a Nun, too. Gaya gaya puto maya lang ako sa Mama ko e. Haha! Tsaka idol ko kasi si Mother Earth. :)

Madalas ini-imagine ko kung anong itsura ko kapag nakasuot ako ng Habit (Nun's total outfit). At madalas natatawa ako sa sarili ko. Ang weird noh? Hahaha. Nevertheless, I love the whole idea of the dress. I'm actually in love with that thought alone. Ang babaw noh?

Dream ko rin makapunta ng Israel (which was already included in my Bucket List long before) at gumawa ng mga charity missions. Isang malaking inspirasyon si Mother Theresa sa pangarap na to'. Feeling ko kasi mas malaki ang possibility at ang chance na mapuntahan ko yung lugar kung saan ipinako si Hesus kapag naging ordained nun ako. :)

Tingin mo?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What can you give up?

Ash Wednesday marks the start of the 40 days preparation for Lenten Season. 

Feb. 22, 2012 (Wednesday)

April 2 to 8 (Monday-Sunday) is the Holy Week. Roughly a month and a week today. During this occasion, people especially Roman Catholics observe and practice rituals including fasting, abstinence, Visita Iglesia, 14 Stations of the Cross, pabasa, salubong on Easter Sunday and among others.

I, on the other hand, practice few of them such as 14 Stations of the Cross, fasting and salubong which ends the Holy Week celebration.

During holy week, I also willfully exercise the following:

1. No cellphone during Good Friday and Black Saturday. However, this year it'll be for the entire week.
2. No meat. (chicken, pork, beef, etc.)
3. No full meal for dinner.
4. And, no Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Multiply, Blogspot, YouTube and other what-you-have social network site for the whole week. In short, computer/internet-deprived.

The things I give up in observance of Holy Week. What's yours, eh?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feed Your Brain

Before you people comment on the issue, make sure you know what you're talking about. Make sure you speak with sense and with basis. Coz' if you don't.. shut that mouth and read your books!

Take her advise. Help yourself and feed your brain!

Please do. :)

Two Weeks, Baby!

 L to R: Marius, Mimi and Marthena :)

In their second week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Frank and Rachel

I'm such an avid fan of the movie, The Bodyguard. It's not as complicated as Edward, Jacob and Bella's love triangle and not as romantic as The Titanic but just enough to make you fall from Kevin's look and Whitney's golden voice.. and all their love drama! Haha. Had not been for the last scene where Rachel had to leave and the plane was just about to go, she ordered the pilot to stop the plane, took off and ran towards Frank's direction to kiss him one last time.. sabay tugtog sa background ng ♪♪And I... will always love you...♪♫ who wouldn't fall for that, huh? ♥

If you haven't seen it, go ahead and do yourself a favor! ;-)

Frank and Rachel


Kevin Costner's Eulogy

You are the perfect gentleman and the greatest, Kevin! Thank you for your good words. I'm sure Whitney's smiling from up above. :)

..And my favorite song of Whitney together with Mariah Carey, When You Believe.

Thank you for your great music, Diva! Keep shining on the other side... You will always be remembered and loved. ♥

Friday, February 17, 2012

One week old

One week old. L-R: Mimi, Marius and Marthena ♥

One week old. L-R: Mimi, Marius and Marthena ♥

Top view. 

You know those guys?

Those guys who think they have it all figured out?
Those guys who think they're smarter than you because they're guys and you're not?
Those guys who try to engage you in a religious/political/ethical debate but don't really want to listen to your side because they are too busy thinking of what they are going to say next?
Those guys who always seem a little surprised when you can come back with a witty reply to their asshole pontificates? 

Yeah. Me, too.

The nerve talaga! Tsk.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart's Day ♥

It's the time of the year, yet again, when everyone goes gaga over wanting to receive a bouquet of red roses, chocolates and a romantic dinner date, or just a plain simple one from their loved ones on this very special occasion.

Oh, Valentine's Day.

I kind of have a love hate relationship with this holiday. Just for the last two years, take note. However, it's a day of love, regardless if that love is towards the love of your life or your family or your friends. It's a day to make sure the ones around you knows just how much you love and care about them. And a reminder too, not to only tell them once a year.

Having said that, I decided to open my Facebook account this afternoon to greet some friends. Photos of flowers received from their dates, boyfriends and husbands are all over on my newsfeed today and it makes my heart a little envious. And furious all at the same time. Kiddin'! Hahaha! I so knew it! I should have trusted my instinct and shouldn't have opened my Facebook account.. even just for the day. Ang kulit ko kasi! So now, I caught myself jealous over these stupid things that I shouldn't have in the first place. Tsk!


It's the second Valentine that I'm single and with no one to date nor expect to receive flowers or chocolates from. But it's all fine. I won't die anyway if I don't receive one. Hahaha! Mamamatay lang ako sa inggit. Hahaha! I guess.. I just don't like the emotions that I'm having right now. It makes me sad and feel too pathetic. All right. So much for the drama. ;P

Nonetheless, I'm still happy that I get to see my friends happy and so in love. Sa kanila na lang ako kukuha ng inspirasyon ngayong araw na ito. :)

And for me, tonight will not be filled with any extravagant plans or fancy dinners or even an anti valentine regimen. It will be a nice quiet night making my favorite dinner and shall read my favorite book or perhaps catch some episodes of Criminal Minds. A night all about me and what I wanna do. One of the perks of being single. :)

As for my love life, I can wait. That's all I can do for now. To wait.. Wait until God is done writing my own love story. ♥


Go out and fall in love all over again, kids. ♥

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maggie's First Batch of Litters


Baby Marius
(The first one to come out.)

Baby Mimi
(the second to come out.)

Baby Marthena
(the last to come out.)

Maggie's mother instinct. :)

Nursing her puppies.

Date of Birth: February 10, 2012 (Friday) Between 9am to 12:07nn

Breed: Basset Hound a.k.a. Hush Puppy

They're pure breed. :)

Maggie's litters:
♥Marius, Mimi and Marthena♥

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The soon-to-be Mommy

On her 64th day from the first tie. Overdue na. It has been the most stressful week yet for me and Maggie for this year. UGH. Hope she delivers soon. SAFELY. Fingers crossed.

You can do it, baby! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maggie, a year later ♥

Happy 1st Birthday to the most sweetest dog ever. Happy Birthday, Maggie! :)
Mommy loves you very, very much. ♥

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Next Please!! ;)

It's now officially a year since my breakup with Ian. And every once in a while, I get this feeling that maybe getting over someone you're in love with isn't impossible.

Unless... maybe you don't actually get over it. Maybe you just learn to live with it.

But there's one thing I have learned in the process, and that's... the hardest part about moving forward is not looking back.

So, from this day onward I won't let my thoughts dwell too much on the past. And shall make room for new things to come into my life and embrace my womanhood and SINGLEHOOD (if there's such a word..haha!) gracefully.

The next question is: Am I ready to date?


Nah, at least not at the moment. I want to explore things on my own. I mean, I wanna enjoy the things I used to do without sharing it with someone special or someone I love i.e. the boyfriend, husband, partner, whichever! Because I sure do know how it feels. This time, I wanna know how it feels like to enjoy it alone. On my own. Self-fulfillment, I guess? Or self-discovery? Aaaahh whatever you wanna call it will do. Haha!

After a year... now, I feel good. No more drama and self-pity. No more tears and drunken and sober nights. No more flashbacks and what-if's-sleepless-nights. I've already had heaps of those. I was able to endure it for a year. On that note, I should better give myself a pat on the shoulder on this and tell myself,

"Good job, Denise! Now it's your turn. You deserve to be happy!" :)

I guess.. now's the perfect time for me to move forward. I can now face the world without having to fake my smile and convince my friends and my family that I'm okay. No more pretensions and poker faces. It's time to shine! Hahaha.

Now this feels even better! ;-)

I got two words for myself: NEXT PLEASE!!! lol

FACT: This is what I call my "healing song". The song that helped me cope up with the break up. It actually did a pretty good job. Cheered me up whenever I needed it. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My February's Theme Song ♥

From my favorite movie - Charlotte's Web. :)