Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart's Day ♥

It's the time of the year, yet again, when everyone goes gaga over wanting to receive a bouquet of red roses, chocolates and a romantic dinner date, or just a plain simple one from their loved ones on this very special occasion.

Oh, Valentine's Day.

I kind of have a love hate relationship with this holiday. Just for the last two years, take note. However, it's a day of love, regardless if that love is towards the love of your life or your family or your friends. It's a day to make sure the ones around you knows just how much you love and care about them. And a reminder too, not to only tell them once a year.

Having said that, I decided to open my Facebook account this afternoon to greet some friends. Photos of flowers received from their dates, boyfriends and husbands are all over on my newsfeed today and it makes my heart a little envious. And furious all at the same time. Kiddin'! Hahaha! I so knew it! I should have trusted my instinct and shouldn't have opened my Facebook account.. even just for the day. Ang kulit ko kasi! So now, I caught myself jealous over these stupid things that I shouldn't have in the first place. Tsk!


It's the second Valentine that I'm single and with no one to date nor expect to receive flowers or chocolates from. But it's all fine. I won't die anyway if I don't receive one. Hahaha! Mamamatay lang ako sa inggit. Hahaha! I guess.. I just don't like the emotions that I'm having right now. It makes me sad and feel too pathetic. All right. So much for the drama. ;P

Nonetheless, I'm still happy that I get to see my friends happy and so in love. Sa kanila na lang ako kukuha ng inspirasyon ngayong araw na ito. :)

And for me, tonight will not be filled with any extravagant plans or fancy dinners or even an anti valentine regimen. It will be a nice quiet night making my favorite dinner and shall read my favorite book or perhaps catch some episodes of Criminal Minds. A night all about me and what I wanna do. One of the perks of being single. :)

As for my love life, I can wait. That's all I can do for now. To wait.. Wait until God is done writing my own love story. ♥


Go out and fall in love all over again, kids. ♥

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