Saturday, June 30, 2012

To My Second Mother :)

Yesterday (June 29th) was my Grandmother's birthday, whom I call "Nanay".

Happy 84th Birthday, Nanay Elena. :)

Thank you for all the help you've done. For all the times you made your way to ensure that we live in comfort. For all those days my sister and I need a mother, you were always there for us. For looking out on our welfare and giving all our needs. And for all the days that we'd been a pain in your ass, you'd patiently understand and forgive. Thank you, Nanay.

For the past six years, you've been our second mother. And I am so grateful to God for your life. May He continue to bless you with good health, long life and a peaceful mind.

Mahal na mahal kita, Nanay!♥ Maligayang Kaarawan. :)

SIXTY - Day 14

Sixty Random Things About Me

Latest addition to my Mitch Albom collection,

Yes, I'm an avid fan of his work. From Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and this, Have a Little Faith. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Weddings: Dresses with Soft Sleeves

SIXTY - Day 13

Sixty Random Things About Me

Shopping has been the ultimate cure and therapy for women's boredom, sadness and the most cliched of them all, brokenheartedness. Hahaha!

To me, shopping is an expensive luxury one can only afford if your parents are filthy rich or yourself earns more than enough from your salary. Where you can buy anything without having to look for the price tag. How cool is that, eh?

Yes, I do shop. In fact, I'm a compulsive buyer. I buy whatever I feel like to my heart's content. Even if I don't really need it all. The very reason why my closet is full of unopened paper bags. I'm pretty much a hoarder. I collect pretty much everything. But I cannot say that I'm a shopaholic. I really am not. Trust me. ;P Shopping, I must say, is what women are truly good at! Probably why women are negatively misunderstood.

Mabuti na lang at hindi ako masyado mahilig mag-shopping. LOL.☺

SIXTY - Day 12

Sixty Random Things About Me

Reading wasn't just a hobby, it's where my future lies. Well, once was. Haha!

It was in 2006 when I began to love reading. No. Actually, I was forced to love it! Hahaha. I allot six hours each day in reading. Everday. 24/7. Including Sundays.

Then, I started to love it. Really love it. :)

Law school is a tough place. You gotta' prepare yourself hundred times before you decide to enter and dedicate your four years in reading and reading, plus the succeeding eight months for the review before the Bar Exams. Ready for that? ;D

SIXTY - Day 11

Sixty Random Things About Me

Travel light.♥

If only given the required passing height, I'd be a Flight Attendant. I wanna travel the world! I wanna see how it looks to be at the top of it! ;-) I wanna see the world from different perspective! From God's perspective. ;-)

But before seeing the world in its entirety, I should first explore the beauty of my own country, the Philippines! I'm so lucky I get the chance to see and enjoy these wonderful places with my friends! :)

It's more fun in the Philippines!
Bangui Windmill, Ilocos Norte

Camarines Sur, Bicol

Anawangin Beach Cove, Zambales

Balay Indang, Cavite

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Man-made Forest, Bohol

Corregidor, Bataan

Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Mulanay, Quezon Province

 Saud White Beach, Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

Paoay Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte

Basilica de San Marin de Tours, Taal Batangas

La Virginia Resort, Maatas na Kahoy, Lipa Batangas
Pink Sisters Convent, Tagaytay

Kamay ni Hesus, Quezon Province

 Malolos, Bulacan

 Magellan's Cross, Cebu 2010 (first time with HS friends)
Magellan's Cross, Cebu 2011 (second time with College friends)

SIXTY - Day 10

Sixty Random Thing About Me

Boots are not really a basic fashion here in Philippines. You can only see them worn by showbiz actresses. Either way, I love to wear boots! I have four pairs of them, two came from Australia, a gift from my eldest sister, Ate Rona and the other two from California, from my Mama dearest. :)

You can hardly catch people wearing boots in regular days. But for me, I have the guts to wear them--regular or holidays! In fact, I feel like I totally rock sporting them! Hahaha.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SIXTY - Day 9

Sixty Random Things About Me

Those days when you're too bored and all you can think of is your hair and how you want it to look nice and differently. LOL. But really because you were brokenhearted that you wanna comfort yourself by these changes thinking that you'd be okay. SIGH.

Red Hair Days
February 2011

SIXTY - Day 8

Sixty Random Things About Me

If there is heaven on earth.. this would be it!♥

A certified junkie! ;-) I love my Cheetos Jalapenos, Doritos and Lays dipped in a salsa or mayonnaise. That's how I like it done!

Ruffles.. i looooove you the MOST!!!☺♥

SIXTY - Day 7

Sixty Random Things About Me

Pretty much a coffee addict!☺ It started when I was in UST Law School and it has become a morning, afternoon, in betweens and evening habit. My day wooldn't be complete without it.
My morning coffee moments and in betweens..

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Weddings: Mini Wedding Dresses

There is no better time to sport a short wedding dress than summer, the season of leg-baring, body-conscious silhouettes.

Whether you are a traditional or modern bride, modest or flashy, tea length wedding dress will surely be an option for you more especially at a season like summer. And if you are on a tight budget, this will definitely save you from all the expenses! :)

And if you are too cool to wear something chic with a rock star twist on it, these may be the winner:

Eyeing this one! I love the silhouette, the flower idea which made it standout and the overall look is pretty sweet and cool except for the too revealing top part. Nonetheless, this is my favorite of all!♥