Friday, June 29, 2012

SIXTY - Day 13

Sixty Random Things About Me

Shopping has been the ultimate cure and therapy for women's boredom, sadness and the most cliched of them all, brokenheartedness. Hahaha!

To me, shopping is an expensive luxury one can only afford if your parents are filthy rich or yourself earns more than enough from your salary. Where you can buy anything without having to look for the price tag. How cool is that, eh?

Yes, I do shop. In fact, I'm a compulsive buyer. I buy whatever I feel like to my heart's content. Even if I don't really need it all. The very reason why my closet is full of unopened paper bags. I'm pretty much a hoarder. I collect pretty much everything. But I cannot say that I'm a shopaholic. I really am not. Trust me. ;P Shopping, I must say, is what women are truly good at! Probably why women are negatively misunderstood.

Mabuti na lang at hindi ako masyado mahilig mag-shopping. LOL.☺

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