Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sixty Random Things About Me :)

27 in 60 days.♥

Pursuant to the 60-days countdown, I'll be posting sixty random things about ME. It may be things that I like the most or values a lot. It could be a person that inspires me, probably a memory that's worth mentioning, or could be anything that defines who I am as a person. I'm totally a narcissist just like that! Hahaha. Who else could be the top subject of this blog? LOL. ☺

I hope to achieve by the end of this sixty days' Sixty-Random-Things-About-Me-Challenge, that you'd get to know me too well! (If by any chance there's someone who read this non-sense blog! Haha!)

The 60th day will fall on my birthday! Furthermore, I'm gonna be celebrating my first blogsary--Blog Anniversary, on August! Double celebration, it is!

The countdown begins tomorrow! ;-)

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