Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Weddings: Cakey!!

Chocolates and anything that's sweet are my guilty pleasures! :) Cakes are one of them, too!! I am quite excited and thrilled to share this entry not only because of my sweet tooth but because I'm very passionate about cakes. Never in any occasion that cakes are missed out! I plan them ahead of time. Must be customized especially during events that come once in a lifetime. For me, it's actually the life of the party, second of course to the celebrant. :)

The proof. ;P

Yuri's Barbie Cake on her 5th Birthday!

Paul's Birthday last year held in Max's Restaurant.

My friend Wella and I's 26th Birthday and our customized Sexy Bikini Cake ordered from Kinky Cakes.

Aki's 10th Birthday.

My dog Moimoi's first birthday and his Coffee Crunch Cake! :)

...and his second birthday eyeing his Black Forest Cake! :)
Chillon's 25th Birthday in Bee Farm, Bohol with his customized Pumpkin Cupcakes Cake.

...and the other cakes I prepared ahead of time for the people I love. :)

See how thrilled I am?! Hahaha.. ;D

I love how cakes are really given much importance to any occasions, especially birthdays and weddings.

Wedding Cakes comes in all shapes and sizes. Square cake layers are usually stunning and elegant. It is known that each wedding comes with its own note of distinctiveness. Same goes for wedding cakes. It carries significance in wedding event.

In selecting your wedding cake, choose the best that suits your taste and incorporate something that makes it unique and something that you can call your own.

What I have on mind for a wedding cake is just plain and not very simple. Hahaha! I wanted something that is very me. Unpredictable, fun and vibrant. Something that exudes joy, happiness and love. And since I am so fond of polka dots, hearts and flowers.. I wanted them incorporated in my wedding cake.

So, here is my top five polka dots themed wedding cake:

And for my beach wedding cake,

And because I really want a cute wedding cake, something that will create smile and joy in the hearts of my guests when they see it.. this will do,

As for my Black-and-White-themed-wedding-cake,

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