Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Weddings: Unveil it!

     Veil is most likely seen worn with wedding dresses. For me, it adds drama and elegance on the whole look of the wedding gown. Whether it be short or long, with laces or stones all over it depends on the bride. Even veils nowadays are too stylish and has its own distinctiveness. I personally would want my veil with laces and a vintage(ish) feel to it covering my entire look all for the sake of drama. Hahaha!!! 

So here is my top 5:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Just right about now, I came to find unexpectedly that another favorite series of mine, Once Upon A Time, has aired its Season 2 premiere episode last September 30.

October, why must you so good to me? :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ready to harvest!

Today, our church, Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace celebrate its twelfth (12th) year Anniversary. This year's theme is READY TO HARVEST! "Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears; For all your work will be rewarded." -Jeremiah 31:16

This is gonna be my first time to celebrate our church's anniversary and I'm so excited and my heart is filled with so much joy, happiness, love and hope for the church. Hope that our church will grow to be more stronger than ever because we have JESUS CHRIST with us all through the way.

Happy 12th Anniversary, JCPP! To God be the Glory!!! ♥

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Kid!

I never thought October would be this too exciting for me. All just because two of my most favorite TV series, The Vampire Diaries on its 4th season and Merlin on it's fifth installment, aired their pilot episodes respectively this month so freeaaakkin' awesome! I'm one super happy kid!♥ Yay!☺

Though my being team Damon failed at once, I'm still uber fine with Helena ending up (as always and as predicted) with Stefan. I liked and loved Stefan first anyways. And will always, always have. ;-) It's just that I feel sorry for Damon. *Sigh* Well.. we will never know that for sure. I know there'll be more unexpected twists and exciting scenes and episodes to await this season, just like how Helena turned into a vampire! Ooopsie! Spoiler alert on the loose! Hahaha!!!

And to those Merlin fans, finally the young warlock is here! He's back to entertain us again with his antics, amaze us with his magic powers and most of all, touch our hearts with his genuine friendship with Arthur. I truly love this show! Plus, having Mordred and Aithusa on the show will surely bring more spicy intriguing issues with their characters and more magic on the fifth season.

And who wouldn't get hooked and fall to these four gorgeous men??? Tell me, tell me!!! Hahaha. :))

 Colin Morgan as Merlin

 Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore

 Bradley James as Arthur

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore

Saturday, October 13, 2012


This was last year. Trying our best to save what's left in our relationship. (photo taken from Instagram)

  • Will never forget this milestone in our relationship. Four years, baby! Four wonderful years with lots of twist & turns! We had our fair share of ups & downs and I am so proud to brag that we won those trials TOGETHER. I love you more than I thought I could. See you on our Saturdate this weekend. Much looove!!! #inlove #happy4thanniversary #october12 #4years #iandenise :)

The worst part of having a very good memory especially when it comes to dates, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations would be this, when you suddenly remember that it's the twelfth of October and hit you so hard and you realize that its just now a painful memory of the past that you must, MUST forget. ;'(

But then again, though yesterday was a bit dramatic, I am still happy that I had finally remembered it without so much pain in my heart unlike last year. I guess that's how you move on, you try to accept things, you give yourself time to cry your heart out until you're finally okay and the next thing you'll know.. you'd be able to remember everything in the past without noticing the smile on your face--you're free, baby! Free from all the pain the past has poured you on.

So yesterday, I did something crazy! Because I am so over him and had finally moved on, I sent the "ex" a text message! Hahaha. ☺ For the record, we are still friends. In fact, I still consider and will always have consider him my BESTEST FRIEND. Di ba, Ian? ;-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My October's Theme Song ♥

Come October 21 is our church's (Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship) 12th-year Anniversary. All glory to the Creator, our Beautiful Savior and the only Risen King! :)

Lord, you are good and your mercy endure forever!

Happy Anniversary, JCPP!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Digital Martial Law at its finest.

Seriously, people? This Cyber Crime Prevention Act Law 2012 (Republic Act 10175) will only amount to harm and suppress our free speech which our Constitution, by the way, gave us the right to express whatever opinion we have freely! FREELY! Freedom of expression nga eh, di ba? This is Cyber Martial Law! Somehow, it's like a form of bullying in itself! Ano, sila lang ang may kapangyarihan? Tsk. Tsk.

To whoever crafted this bill and to those senators who voted to pass the Cyber Crime Law bill, they're bullying the citizens of this country. They're taking away the essence of our freedom of speech and curtailing basic freedoms of any democratic government. Goodness!!! So kung ganyan lang pala ang mangyayari, saan tayo pwede mag edsa revolution sa Facebook? Tanong lang.

Haaayy, kawawa ka naman Juan, wala ka na ngang malamon, ayaw ka pa nilang pagsalitain! Yan ba yung sinasabi ng presidente na tayong mga Pilipino ang BOSS nya??? Tsk. Tsk.

How could these politicians think they're doing something right? Ang dami talagang alam ng mga Senador natin na to. Mahiya nga kayo, ang daming police station na walang telepono dito sa Pinas, kung makahirit kayo ng anti-cyber crime law parang ang yaman ng bansa natin, mahiya kayo sa mga estudyanteng butas ang bubong ng eskwelahan.

Kung meron mang advantage ang bill na to, I still don't care! Freedom of speech, baby! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Hahaha.


As I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw and read the post of my previous classmate in FEU Law School, who is now already a certified Lawyer and I quote,

"I heard from ████████ last night this question:


Ang sagot, SIMPLE: Magkaibang konteksto. Ang pahayag ng mga journalists ay dapat, ayon lang sa KATOTOHANAN. Yun ang katungkulan nila bilang mamamahayag. Pero ang netizens, ay nagsasalita lang ng ayon sa kanilang karapatan magpahayag. Karapatan na pinangangalagaan ng Saligangbatas mismo. Kaya ████████ ████████ ████████ [POST SCREENED, EDITED AND CENSORED.] (ʀᴀ ɴᴏ. 10175)"