Saturday, October 13, 2012


This was last year. Trying our best to save what's left in our relationship. (photo taken from Instagram)

  • Will never forget this milestone in our relationship. Four years, baby! Four wonderful years with lots of twist & turns! We had our fair share of ups & downs and I am so proud to brag that we won those trials TOGETHER. I love you more than I thought I could. See you on our Saturdate this weekend. Much looove!!! #inlove #happy4thanniversary #october12 #4years #iandenise :)

The worst part of having a very good memory especially when it comes to dates, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations would be this, when you suddenly remember that it's the twelfth of October and hit you so hard and you realize that its just now a painful memory of the past that you must, MUST forget. ;'(

But then again, though yesterday was a bit dramatic, I am still happy that I had finally remembered it without so much pain in my heart unlike last year. I guess that's how you move on, you try to accept things, you give yourself time to cry your heart out until you're finally okay and the next thing you'll know.. you'd be able to remember everything in the past without noticing the smile on your face--you're free, baby! Free from all the pain the past has poured you on.

So yesterday, I did something crazy! Because I am so over him and had finally moved on, I sent the "ex" a text message! Hahaha. ☺ For the record, we are still friends. In fact, I still consider and will always have consider him my BESTEST FRIEND. Di ba, Ian? ;-)

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