Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Kid!

I never thought October would be this too exciting for me. All just because two of my most favorite TV series, The Vampire Diaries on its 4th season and Merlin on it's fifth installment, aired their pilot episodes respectively this month so freeaaakkin' awesome! I'm one super happy kid!♥ Yay!☺

Though my being team Damon failed at once, I'm still uber fine with Helena ending up (as always and as predicted) with Stefan. I liked and loved Stefan first anyways. And will always, always have. ;-) It's just that I feel sorry for Damon. *Sigh* Well.. we will never know that for sure. I know there'll be more unexpected twists and exciting scenes and episodes to await this season, just like how Helena turned into a vampire! Ooopsie! Spoiler alert on the loose! Hahaha!!!

And to those Merlin fans, finally the young warlock is here! He's back to entertain us again with his antics, amaze us with his magic powers and most of all, touch our hearts with his genuine friendship with Arthur. I truly love this show! Plus, having Mordred and Aithusa on the show will surely bring more spicy intriguing issues with their characters and more magic on the fifth season.

And who wouldn't get hooked and fall to these four gorgeous men??? Tell me, tell me!!! Hahaha. :))

 Colin Morgan as Merlin

 Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore

 Bradley James as Arthur

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore

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