Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Today is a rare occasion. This day happens once every four years. It's called Leap Year. I personally don't know the historical background about it but there's one thing I know for a fact.

That in Ireland, Leap year has been a traditional time wherein women can propose marriage to the man they love.

Actually, I only learned about this when I saw the movie, which later on turned out to be one of my favorite romantic movie, which also carry the same title, Leap Year. 

My thoughts?

Well.. as far as I could remember, am still the same traditional and conservative Denise that I know. I would still prefer the guy to propose on his knee and ask my parents for my hand in marriage. Ain't it romantic?

And, since I'm also too curious about the history of this Leap Year tradition in Ireland, you may like to click the link below: 

And before I end this blog entry, I would like to grab this opportunity since it's not every year that we get the chance to see this date February 29 in our calendars. So, CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend, a very very good friend indeed, my college barkada, a family and a soulmate, Ms. Erlou Valera Salunat for passing the November 2011 Bar Exams. And to her boyfriend, Mr. Chillon Dion Collado who's been a part of our barkada ever since they got together, CONGRATULATIONS to you both.

Attorney na kayo, PRAISE GOD! :)
Atty. Erlou Valera Salunat and Atty. Chillon Dion Agyapas Collado

Congratulations to the new Lawyers in town. And, to all my former classmates in UST, my college and law school classmates in FEU and to my gorgeous Portian sisters, I'm so PROUD of you all. ♥

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