Monday, March 5, 2012

See you Friday! ♥

It's already March! We are nine months away from Christmas! ;D

How time flies!

Nevertheless, I've been thinking few weeks ago of what topic to feature and discuss here in my blog. And because I was so inspired and very much in love from my Law Professor in FEU, Atty. Rica D. De Guzman and my friend Steinrick's little sister, Frances Paraico-Busil's wedding photos both last January, I thought of featuring every Friday anything about weddings.

Who doesn't like weddings, right? Actually, I don't just like them. I love weddings!

So by next Friday, I shall post photos and write something about weddings, gowns, bridesmaids and anything that might could help me visualize my dream wedding in the future. ;-)

See you Friday! ♥

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