Sunday, January 1, 2012


Spent the first few minutes of 2012 watching fireworks do their magic above the sky then an intimate dinner afterwards with my little sister and Ate Linda, our maid, plus the two dogs. :) Nothing so spectacular. We didn't even light a firework. We opted not to since there was no one willing to light even one. Hahaha! Scared the sh*t out of us. Well.. Hahaha!

Then spent the next three hours watching Being Human Season One, a TV series. Josh is a cutie and Sally has the sexiest lips ever! I'm so envious! Hahaha. :D

Spent the day with the fam bam and ended the first day of 2012 hearing mass, thanking God for a prosperous and memorable 2011 despite all the tragedies happened left and right. I guess that's His way of reminding us that HE do exist. People nowadays tend to forget what's more important and they forgot to say thanks and even whisper some prayer every now and then. So before it's too late, say thank you for all the blessings you had received last 2011 and ask for more abundance and guidance from Him because if you are not aware.. we have a God who is soooo good all the time. :) Remember that! 

Happy twenty-twelve everyone! ♥


  1. all the best for us, batch! xoxo!

  2. thanks batch! :) happy new year.