Friday, January 27, 2012

January 26: THE PROPOSAL ♥

While my bestfriend Roffel and I, our little accomplice, Inchang and our new friend, Rose together with THE boyfriend, Pao were busy setting up all the props for the "PROPOSAL", Ben on the other hand, (and on the other side of the world), my eldest sister's boyfriend and the father of her child, Quentin, was on his knee, proposing for my sister's hand in marriage at the stroke of midnight whilst the fireworks for the celebration of the national holiday of Australia. Wheeew! ♥

Ate Rona, Ben and the Engagement Ring. See that stone? ;-)

My bestfriend Jaja and her fiance, Pao. :)


I love weddings and all the stuff there is. Who doesn't, right? It's every women's dream. But after tonight, after all the preparations we made, it's official.. I LOVE ENGAGEMENTS AND PROPOSALS. :)

Love is in the air. ♥

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