Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SIXTY - Day 3

Sixty Random Things About Me

Couch potato and a certified movie junkie, that's all ME!☺

It was in College when this addiction hit me hard! And because I'm such a BIG fan of romcom (romantic-comedy) movies, I started collecting CDs mostly romantic films out of my weekly allowance. All original, take note! ;P Hahaha. Hindi pa kasi uso ang DVD 'nun. Lalo na yung DVD na nabibili sa Quiapo!! LOL. =))

To date, I have more than 300 original CDs that varies from romantic movies to action, teenybopper films, comedy, sci-fi and horror movies.

When I lived in Manila for four years, I was able to collect more than 500 DVDs excluding TV series which I am more hooked now than ever especially Koreanovelas.

At dahil sa dami na ng napanood ko, here is my top 10 list (not in order) of the most recent TV series that I watch:
The latest and fifth installment of True Blood. 

Game Of Thrones Season 2. I chose Kahleesi's poster. I'm such an avid fan of her! ;)

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 aired its finale few weeks ago.

 Supernatural's Seventh and Final Season.

The first season of the CW's newest TV series which also ended its final episode few weeks ago,
The Secret Circle.

Being Human on its second season.

Loved this series. Rooting for a second installment. *FingersCrossed* 

Jane by Design Season 1 is very refreshing to watch. In case you haven't noticed, this is the only series that doesn't involve Zombies, Vampires and other supernatural creatures. Hahaha!

Looking for a real action and teamwork? Leverage has it! I enjoyed watching this series! Very witty Nate and funny Parker. I love their team!

Merlin is my ultimate favorite out of all the series I've watched so far. Second is Prison Break. :) I think I'm gonna cry if Merlin will finally have its ending. ;( Hahaha!!

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