Monday, June 18, 2012

SIXTY - Day 2

Sixty Random Things About Me

I love to write just as how much I love to talk and converse with people and listen to them in return and just as how much I love to laugh aloud, sing and read and read. :)

Aside from dreaming of wanting to become a Lawyer and a Fashion Designer someday, I also dreamt of becoming a Novelist or a Columnist, or simply a WRITER.

Writing is in fact my biggest, BIGGEST frustration ever. It all started in High School, I tend to use my brain as a journal and a writing pad all at the same time in imagining potential good stories that runs my head and play combining sexy words. While my right hand was busy writing and jotting down notes whilst my teacher dictating, my brain on the other hand was busy imagining and writing a story on my head. Multitasking at its finest! Hahaha. ;-P

The ironic part was I grew so much from it--the story-dreaming part, that I left my writing skill in the dark. I never had the time to exercise it in writing as I was too afraid I couldn't start it much less I don't have a good story to begin with. The ultimate reason on why sometimes I never had the guts to tell anyone about my passion in writing and my love in blogging.

Yes, I totally agree that my English writing skill is so basic that it doesn't have anything special about it. But nevertheless, I wanna use this blog as a battle ground where I can showcase the writer side of me. More importantly to develop and enhance this skill more that maybe someday when I get to re-read everything, I shall see the progress by then.

The good news is that the Lord made each day a chance to change and or develop something about you. Good or bad. My writing might not passed your taste now, but I know it will, someday! I'm a work in progress! :)

Thank you dear Lord for this wonderful gift of writing you gave me! I would cherish it and nurture it for your glory!♥

I love you to death! :)

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