Sunday, July 29, 2012

My FIRST and hopefully won't be the last.

It's almost four in the morning and for thirty minutes I was staring blankly on Mimi, who by the way is my 5 month old female basset hound whom I share my bed with.

So to clear my head off, I decided to head on the computer and extract something out of it. As if there is something to extract from to begin with. Hahaha!☺

Today is Sunday. (Happily flashing my super excited smile.) When I became a Christian four months ago, Sunday had always been the day I impatiently look forward to. Haha! It actually thrills me to know that Sunday is just around the corner. More especially today.

You know when they say that there's always the first time in everything... mine is today. And to cut the story very, very short.. lol this afternoon, I'm gonna be singing in our church, in front of the pulpit as the Song Leader. *dies in joy* Hahaha!

I'm not sure if I'm really this ready, but one thing I know for sure... there is nothing I can remember where singing has been this fulfilling. My heart is bursting with so much joy and passion each time I sing for the glory of God. I just know deep in my heart that though I'm still lacking as a Song Leader, I know my voice and my dedication for singing are enough reason to continue and believe in myself because when I became a Christian I only sing and dedicate my voice to glorify my dearest savior. I just sure hope that God would still be proud of me sakaling bigla na naman akong ma-mental block mamaya at makalimutan ang lyrics ng kanta dahil sa sobrang kaba at taranta. Hahaha! So help me God! ;-P


Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace Fellowship
Sunday second service: 3-6pm

Song Leader: Denise


Welcome Song: Halina't Sama Sama
Opening Song: Maghari Ka
  For All You've Done
  I Will Come
  For You Alone


To God be the Glory! :)

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