Monday, July 30, 2012


After the not-so-successful-songleading of mine last Sunday (haha), our Music Director assigned me again for the next Sunday afternoon service. Despite all the countless mistake I made during the service, I'm so thankful that the Music Team still believes in me. And that is something BIG and a relief especially for starters like me. I've to know that someone believes in me. So instead of turning it down, I decided to take it thinking it will be a good training for me, too.

Just this morning, Angelo introduced me to this song he found over Youtube. 'I will worship You for who You are' is the title of the song performed by Hillsong. I am currently working on it and thinking to include it in my line up for Sunday as my opening song. :)


  1. sis, keep on doing it! :)

    nag start din ako sa ganyan when I was in the praise and worship team sa church namin. I made so many mistakes too! haha. either sintonado, or nakalimutan yung lyrics. you will learn over time. what is important is that you have the heart to serve. miss you! :)

  2. Thanks, batch! I need to hear that! At least, now I know that I'm not alone! Hahaha. Miss you, too! :)