Friday, June 8, 2012

Sport Short!

Yesterday, I did something totally bold and crazy! Hahaha. I decided to get a new 'do. Not just a new hairstyle but a fresh look that is very unlikely of me. I mean, this time I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. So I thought of getting myself a super short hair. Really, really short! 

Initially, I chose this look. But after a while, although it really is short for me, it's not the short 'do that I had on mind. Plus, I think it's safe and a bit boring. ;P

On the other hand, Vicky's (Beckham) gorgeous short bob cut, I thought would be nice, too.

But then, I fell in love with Keira Knightley's super short boy cut. I desperately, desperately want her 'do. Did I just say, DESPERATELY? Hahaha. It's fierce, bold, a really fresh look for me and totally out of my comfort zone. It took me like three days to contemplate and meditate (haha) whether I have the heart and the courage to take one step forward to do the haircut I have been dreaming of.

So, yesterday.. I went out with Aki, my nephew and my newest salon buddy to date.. to share a haircut moment with him. Aki went first, as I was hesitating to get myself a haircut. Scared to death. Hahaha!!!

After all the "sapilitan" session with my hairstylist, PJ.. I finally give in. Him assuring me that the short bob cut will look good on me. After all, I really need to get rid of my damaged wavy hair since my previous salon wont allow me to have my hair rebonded for another year. Unless, I pay for the 8k Keratin treatment which will never happen in my lifetime. Hahaha!!! Eight Thousand just for a hair treatment!? Hell, NO!!! Hahaha. Yes, our hair is every women's crowning glory.. but Eight Thousand bucks?! SERIOUSLY?! I could feed a hundred street kids in that amount of money. I will definitely never, NEVER, splurge a huge amount of bucks on that when there can be other options I could choose from. *Kuripot* Hahaha!! ☺

Nevertheless, here's the outcome of yesterday's happening.

Yes, Keira's 'do did not happen. Neither Vicky's. Hahaha! I told PJ to cut whatever she/he(lol..) needs to get rid off. I ended up giving my hair's fate in the hands of my hair stylist. Hahaha! After all, what I just really wanted was a fresh look and a super short hair. 

And if you may ask me whether I loved my new 'do or even liked it at all? Well.. I couldn't say no because for the longest time, after my childhood where my Mom used to have the final say whether I get a short haircut or not was over, this 'do was all mine. All mine. :) I don't regret it at all. And I don't want to blame myself at the end of the day. Haha!

I couldn't say yes either because this was the first time for me. I'm happy not only because I liked the new hairstyle(I believe I am) but because I never thought I am this brave to take the risk despite knowing that people will stare at my back because of my Vitaligo problem. But because I have Jesus with me and living in me, I am not ashamed of anything. Stare for all they want. Screw them all! LOL. I was just toying around. ;-P

Happy weekends!!!♥

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