Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My June's Theme Song ♥

These past three months had been the most challenging yet the best months ever. I had been, and in fact have been, changing into this person I never thought I would be like. It would take me like forever if I start to enumerate the things that had been and have been continuously changing in me. That's another story I would like to blog about sometime next year. LOL.☺

Nonetheless, singing Christian songs from time to time, as in minute after minute, has been one my favorite thing that changed in me. And this song entitled, 'Do I Deserve?' that I have been singing the whole day which was composed by a very good friend and my little brother in Christ--a 13 year old young boy who inspired me to write songs and sing passionately to our Lord's heart's content, has been a major change for me.

Since I became a Christian I avoided singing worldly songs as much as possible and started singing songs of praises and worships. Gradually. Of course, everything doesn't happen overnight and in an instant. I was in fact struggling every now and then. But with the help of Jesus Christ, His words and teachings in the bible, here I am today, subconsciously singing Christian songs which I apparently found miraculous. Grabe pala kapag kumilos si Lord sa buhay ng tao. It will really change you into a person that yourself won't ever imagine  possible.

Sabi nga sa bible sa Luke 1: 37, 'For nothing is impossible with God'. Wala ngang imposible kay Lord. Happy 3rd monthsary to us, Jesus Christ! Three months na akong Christian. Praise the Lord! ♥

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