Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Weddings: Entourage

I had this wild and crazy idea back in Junior High. I was daydreaming in front of Teacher Babes inside the Computer Laboratory classroom whilst demonstrating how Excel magically works. I had these visions of how my wedding entourage shall look like: Snow White's 7 dwarfs as my flower girls, Maid of Honor wearing a Tinkerbell outfit, Prince Charming as the Best Man, Bridesmaids wearing a modern design of the famous 7 Walt Disney Princesses, Peter Pan who will serve as the ring bearer and an Angel carrying the Bible.

I know it sounds ambitious and quite unrealistic but isn't it fun and fulfilling if I am able to pull that BIG entourage up that I am dreaming about? *wink*

I believe I mentioned it before from my previous Friday Weddings entry that given the opportunity to pursue my real, real dream wedding, I would love to have a fairy tale-like wedding. That's if my future groom has the budget and agrees with it. Hahaha. ☺
My Bridesmaids in their modern Walt Disney Princesses gowns. :)

The seven dwarfs as my Flower Girls. :)

My Best Man in a Prince Charming outfit. :P

Peter Pan as the ring bearer. ;D

My Maid of Honor in her Tinkerbell outfit. :)

And a little young boy who shall carry the Holy Bible which will complete my fairy tale-like wedding entourage.♥

This line up is MADNESS!!! Wish I could have them all a reality! I wish!!! ;D

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