Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SIXTY: Day 59

Sixty Random Things About Me

She turned eighty-four last June. She's the most caring, thoughtful, and loving mother of six and an extra sweet grandmother to all her grandchildren. Elena, that's her name. Lola E to some people but to her family, she is our "Nanay Elena."

Almost all of us, her granchildren, grew up in her care to which explain the closeness we have with her. I even claim to be a "Lola's little girl" instead of being Mama's girl or Daddy's little girl. She is my second real mother. In fact, she has been our second mother, literally, for six years now since my parents went abroad. She took good care of me and my little sister. She was always there for us. She never failed to be there and assist and prepare all our needs. She truly is a very good person and has a genuine heart as big as you can imagine. I love her like I've always have for my mama.

If I grow old someday, I wanna be like her, a devouted mother and grandmother, very loving, kind, extra sweet and super thoughtful. Always there for her children and her family. May the Lord bless her with good health, peace of mind and a happy heart.

I love you, Nanay Elena! You're the best Lola in the whole wide universe! :)

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