Thursday, July 5, 2012

SIXTY - Day 18

Sixty Random Things About Me

If I'd be stuck in an island with only one kind of food to binge on, it would be pasta! Any type of pasta with red sauce on it will do. Spaghetti, Beef Lasagna, Baked Zitti in Ragu sauce, Penne Arrabiatta among many others will surely make my tummy happy! ♥

Pasta Madness :)

Penne Arabiatta in Red Orange, Baguio

I forgot the name of this pasta and the restaurant. But it was where the movie "One More Chance" was shot in Cubao Expo.

Seafood Gambazetti in Bigoli, Trinoma

Seafood Marinara date with my bestfriend, Roffel. Napoli's, SM Fairview.

Papa John's dinner date with my HS barkada.

Baked Zitti in white sauce and Spaghetti in Ragu Sauce.

Sbarro is l♥ve.

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