Friday, June 22, 2012

SIXTY - Day 6

Sixty Random Things About Me

If there is something I am truly, truly passionate about, it's singing. It actually runs in the family. Music is part of our lives. In fact, it's my eldest brother, Kuya Fando and sister, Ate Ana's bread and butter.

Each one of my siblings, can sing too well and can play, if not all at least one instrument. I for that matter knows basic in guitar and piano. But my instrument really is, flute. I can play them well enough. :)

However, singing is my most favorite thing to do. But unlike my sister, Ate Ana, who's a lead vocalist of their band, and my Kuya Fando, a Keyboardist, who has the same voice of that male lead vocalist of the band South Border's Jay Durias, I have a looooong, long way to go. Marami pa akong kakaining bigas. Haha! Marunong lang ako kumanta pero hindi kasing galing nila. ;-P

But by God's grace, I know my voice will improve the way I have dreamt it. Parang Mariah Carey lang sa pagbirit. LOL.☺

And because last night's happening is worth sharing, ikukwento ko na rin.. ;P

I was rushing my way to church last night because I had to sing for our weekly prayer meeting. I was late. Really late that I needed to practice beforehand the songs I prepared before the service to start. I'm a no role model, so you're thinking! Hahaha.

Our music director assigned me for the first time to be the Song Leader as I was a trainee to become one. So you could imagine how important and special last night was for me.

Unfortunately, I messed up. I forgot to pray the moment I started talking which was totally unacceptable. Ugh. I kept on forgetting the lyrics of the first song. The worst part was I totally went black out. The second song was a disaster. I was out of words. I forgot everythiiiinng, the lyrics and the melody!!! Imagine how I  freaked out! Goodness!!! ;-( I was even out of tune! Arrgh. Okay, now it's killing me! *SOB*

Soon after that, I realized I was not ready for the task given at hand. Even how much I try my very best and even as much as I wanted to sing praises and worship for my dearest savior, I couldn't win over the fear I have in me. I have to get this through first by prayers. Lots of prayers.

I am so thankful though to my very supportive churcmates, most especially to Princess, Helen, Nicko, Angelo and Kuya Danny, who gave their inspiring words, advises, support and for comforting me.

And to my bestfriend, Baby J, sorry for messing up. I know you were there all through out my singing, I just hope you're still proud of me. Thank you for putting up with me. I love you, always always!♥

To God be the glory! :)

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