Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spell "busy", D-E-N-I-S-E!

Been so over busy lately that it's already the 21st of the month only after I could find time to write and blog.

Well.. what could I've been up to these past few days???

The first week of April was the Holy Week, the very reason I wasn't online. I even cut myself off from using my mobile phone for the entire week.

The second week.. I was busy practicing my first special number for our church's Sunday service. :)

And just this Monday up until Wednesday (April 16-18), I attended for the very first time an outdoor activity in our church, Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, which is the Summer Youth Camp in Bakas Norzagaray, Bulacan for three straight days.

Photos of my camp life experience..

Luckily bagged down the Best Female Youth Camper Award :)

The experience, the fun and the memory.. and above all, God's presence and guidance during the three days stay in Bakas are the treasures I will forever cherish in my new life as a Christian. :)

This coming week.. four of our church Pastors along with Sister Beth and I shall visit Mindoro for another church mission, all for the glory of the Creator, the Finisher and the Savior, Jesus Christ. May God be with us all through out the mission and through the remaining days of this Earth.

Peace and Joy to all! God bless everyone. :)

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