Friday, March 30, 2012

Puppy L♥ve At First Sight

The very first time I laid my eyes on Maggie.. I knew it was "puppy love at first sight." And that very moment when I first held her in my arms I knew I fell in love with her right then and there.

It's been exactly a year today when I first brought Maggie home with me. :) March 30, 2011. I've been a mommy for over three years now with a Labrador named Max(but he's not with me no more) and over two years with a Pug, I named Moimoi, and a year with Maggie, a Basset Hound. And now Maggie's a Mommy of her own. I'm really proud of her for being such a doting mother to her three litters.

She's the sweetest dog I've ever encountered. I have never been this too attached with my dogs, not even with Max and Moimoi. It's different with Maggie. She's so delicate to me. Probably because she's a girl and needs more attention than my two boys, Max and Moimoi. The two are way too independent and real tough. Unlike Maggie, she needs a lot of care and affection. But not that I don't equally love them. I love them to every bits of me. ♥

However, with Maggie, I felt like a real mom. I felt that she really needs me. She's so dependent to me. Maybe it's because I had her when she was really young. One month and three weeks. She must have really think that I'm her real Mother. Hahaha! I know, right? Funny as that. Yet, I enjoyed being her mom.

Maggie has a lot of special qualities that I really love and antics that are way hilarious! I learned so many things from her as I had with Moimoi and Max back then. I interestingly learned that dogs REALLY do dream! Funny, right? That's one of my most favorite... when Maggie woofs in her sleep! Every time I catch her doing so, woofing in her sleep, it gives so much joy to my ears. Priceless moments.

And she is the sweetest... whenever she barks and cries each time I go out and leave the house. Really melts my heart. She wags her tail like no other, jumps at me at the doorstep and cry again as if we've been a part for over a year. That's how she welcomes me home every time I arrive. Hops in on my legs then starts kissing me as if saying, "I miss you all day long!" And then she'll accompany me inside my room and sits beside me on my bed as if asking me, "how was your day, mommy?" She even looks at me and stares at me every time I throw her a question like if she already had her dinner. She pays attention so well. It's as if she really understand me at all.

At night, when it's sleeping time, she will go upstairs and go straight at the door of my room, planks there and make that familiar sound she makes every time she wants to enter my bedroom. Her own way of knocking. Truly genius like that!

And the best thing about Maggie, she's an incredible kind-hearted dog aside from being such a sweetheart... kahit minsan inaagawan nya ng food si Moimoi. Hahaha! 

Happy first year anniversary to us, Maggie! I love you with all my heart! ♥
(My first picture with Maggie. The first time I held her in my arms.)

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