Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Weddings: Flower Girls ♥

This is how I would want my little flower girls to look like in their dresses in my future wedding. :)


I'm so in love with the back details. :)     

..and if lady luck gets on my side and my future groom agrees to have a black and white as motif on our wedding, this simple black dress would be the winner! ;-)

..and If I get to marry around the Christmas holidays or February perhaps, I want to use a gorgeous red tone for my little girls in these designs. :)

I would also want my flower girls to dressed either on a white tone or ivory dress or any pastel colors. And these two simple lovely chiffon dresses are perfect. But for the most part, I believe that flower girls should wear light pastel colors to denote their freshness as young girls and their femininity, and so that their dresses do not detract from the bigger attraction of the day - the bride. :)

This little blue dress is perfect for a garden wedding. This is gonna be the design I will use if I'll have one! :)

..and just because I love Tinker Bell so much, I'd probably ask my future husband to grant my wish of a fairy-tale-like wedding motif that shall make my little flower girls look exactly like the baby in this photo. Isn't she a cutie? ;D

Picture them all in green. My set of little Tinker Bells. ♥

..and this is exactly what I have in mind for a beach wedding. A pink motif! 
 ..and the basket of Pink Star Gazers is absolutely perfect! My favorite flower and my favorite color, too! ♥

And, if you happen to know me too well, I bet you'll agree that this will DEFINITELY something that I'll choose for my flower girls to wear on my wedding day... very ME! ♥
Tadaaaah!!! ;D

I was also once a flower girl and this photo is something I truly treasure, but not proud though. Haha!
My cousin, Bryan and myself nearly 20 years ago at my Tita Susan's wedding.
(December 23, 1992)

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