Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Apple of my Eye. :)

My day will not be complete without cuddling with my handsome dog named Moimoi. I start and end my day with him by my side. He's ridiculously adorable, lazy but mostly hyper at times, fat, and ultra sweet. I love him like my own son. And since he's the apple of my eye, I can't help but shower him with all my love and affection. I carry him around like a stuff toy, call him cute names, use baby talk, all the works! My neighbors probably think I'm a retard for sounding like I'm living with a kid when in fact, it's just me and him.

But I noticed though that whenever I give Moimoi too much of my time and attention, he pulls away. If I hold him too tight because I'm "nanggigigil" or if I run around the house looking for him and beg to cuddle, he goes into defense mode and hide. I guess he's drowning from all the affection he's getting from me that he no longer enjoys his own private space.

If I come home really tired though and I doze off straight to bed or if I'm in a really shitty mood and prefer being in an "isolation booth", he would start throwing tantrums. If I do this on a regular basis, he will start distancing himself to me even when after my bad days are over. He usually behaves like this whenever I go out of town for more than 3 days. He doesn't like too much attention nor too little.

However, if I do everything in moderation, give Moimoi just the right amount of cuddling at the same time, a space to breath, he comes running. If I let him be and keep myself busy, he stays beside me, lies down with his belly facing up or he licks me into my face. (It's a sign that he's asking for attention!) After observing this for a long time, I have mastered the act! If I want quality time with Moimoi, all I have to do is call him out, praise him, give him some dog treat, and leave the rest to him. No demands, no pressure. And VOILA! He comes my way.

This is the most valuable lesson I have learned from my doggie. I realized that if you want someone/something so bad, chances are it won't be yours because anything you chase in life runs away. Or lets simplify with the saying, "A watched pot never boils."  But then again, if you do the reverse which is to not do anything at all, they could slip away as well. So how's that?

Just like holding Moimoi, I have learned that the key is moderation. Hold on to your dreams, goals, money, career, special someone or anything that means so much to you with just the right amount of grip and pressure. But don't let it too loose for it could slide off your hands just like that. Learn the act of catch and release. Not too suffocating... but not too lenient.

Thus, I love my dog for not only is he adorable, loyal, independent, and a fantastic companion... he also taught me a simple lesson in dealing with important matters in life. So now, every time an aspiration of mine seems to be slipping off my grip, I remind myself about the proper way of holding Moimoi and I come back to my senses... It's all about balance. Hold on to it... not too loose but not too tight. Just right. And just like Moimoi, they will find it's way back to you as long as you're meant to have them.

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