Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eleven years later.

Felt like it was yesterday when I first held hand with the cutie little Japanese baby boy my eldest sister brought home along with my father. Every single memory of this HapNoy kiddo (Hapon + Pinoy, my very own version haha!) growing up from a stubborn toddler to a smart biggie boy were all fresh in my memory. Instantly, I fell in love with the kid the moment her mother temporarily entrusted the little warrior's custody to us while she left abroad to work. From then on, I took part, played my role as a mother, aunt, guardian and friend. And today, as he celebrate his eleventh year of existence, I couldn't get any prouder for he grew up just as what I expected him to be, smart, sweet, kind-hearted young boy, well-mannered.. who by the way is also a self-confessed Christian like me. :)

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY, AKIKO! I thank God for your life. May you grow to know Jesus a lot more. Let's continue to serve the Lord together. Just keep the faith and diet-diet rin, aryt? Hahaha! Good job, anyway! You really make Tita Ness so proud of you! I love, love, love you the most!!!♥ *HUGS*

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