Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Carbonarra on Thursday!

I'll be cooking Carbonarra for the first time on Thursday as per request by my little, uhmm.. no, my biggie-sized-smartie-cutipie-nephew, Akiko for his 11th birthday. Hahaha! He has grown so big now and will soon grow taller than me. Pfft! He's currently a Grade 5 student in a Christian private school.

He told me a week ago what he wanted me to do for his birthday. He wants me to cook and prepare a packed-lunch for his 19 classmates and his teacher. The thing was, he wished me to serve them Carbonarra for a change! He told me that whenever one of his classmates celebrate their birthday and treats them, it was always Spaghetti and Fried Chicken. So I replied, "Ohh, okay." Then I was like, "Shoot! I have never cooked Carbonarra." Hahaha!

I immediately went online after that conversation to check for ingredients and searched on YouTube on how to make Carbonarra! (Few instances where I'm grateful for all these technology advancements we have!) Hahaha!

Good luck to me on Thursday! ;-)

Happy 11th on Thursday, Akiko!

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