Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Weddings: Bridesmaid

I've got like two major set of friends, or what we call in our native tongue, "barkada". One in High School and the other from College.
 High School

Years had passed and none from each of them are married. So where am I heading to? Well.. as a matter of fact, I haven't really had attended any wedding from any close friends nor I have become a Bridesmaid except for two occasions. One when I was seven years old and got to be my Tita Susan's flower girl..

and the second was when my bestfriend Amie and her Iranian boyfriend, Mamad, of four years get married last April 12, 2010 in a simple civil wedding rites in Quezon City Hall where I get to be their witness and sign in their marriage contract.

Other than that, I have nothing else.

However, there were few friends that I wish I had attended their wedding. Like my newest friend, Nida, whom I had previously called "pakner", became "marsy", for her youngest 6-month-old son, Francis Aaron, is my Godson. :)

The day I saw her wedding photos, I suddenly had a flashback. It was my first Junior Prom. The look and the gown I wore that night were so vivid in my memory. My hair brushed up, all made up and the gown shining in gold.. just like the flower girls' dresses.. I used the exact same color the bride chose for her wedding motif. Wish I was there when she exchanged her I do. :)

Ate Kath's wedding that I failed to attend to last 2010. Our friendship is a unique one. We just met online through similar cyber friends who introduced us.. and from then on, we became regular chat buddies to being real friends of the real world.

She's 9 weeks pregnant today and I just wish her nothing but the best for her child and a good life ahead of her with her beautiful family. :)

I miss you, Ate Kath! :)

France's dream wedding. The wedding I earnestly seek to witness. Though it's really her eldest brother that I am close to. Hahaha. It's just that I was truly in awe that she was able to pull up such a wonderful and extra-detailed-wedding.                                                                            

Her modern vintage gown was beautifully crafted. The head-dress she wore amazingly complimented her gown. The church and venue held in Ilocos was the perfect place for a romantic wedding (at least for me). The vintage car they used, their pre-nup photo shoots idea and her glamorous look during the wedding were all close to perfection!

But for the most part, I just love how they look perfect together.

France's dream wedding gown. The wedding gown I envy so much!!! The gown to die for!!! Hahaha. Kiddin. ;P

Her personality and fashion taste clearly reflects from each detail in the gown. Very Frances! :)

Attorney Rica De Guzman's wedding. My professor in Introduction to Law in FEU Manila and an honorary sister of our Sorority. Back then, she was the most beautiful bachelorette lawyer professor in the school. And, my favorite among them all. Comes to her classes with just her jeans, Lacoste tee and a sneaker without any make up on. Wears nothing but her pretty unresistant smile and barely herself. She exudes elegance, natural beauty and has the purest heart.

I sincerely wish her the happiest and brightest marriage life. :)

Indeed, weddings are one of the happiest and joyful celebration that women awaits in their lifetime. Aside, of course, from having a baby on the way and building a family of her own. So to my best friends, both in High School and College, PLEASE... you all get marry naaaa!!! I so can't wait to be a Bridesmaid!!! Hahaha... ;D

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