Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ako'y Binago Nya

I wasn't confident enough to sing the song Nicko and Helen suggested and handed over me last week to practice. But because of the message and its beautiful melody I was deeply moved and was so inspired to give it a shot instead.

And so I performed it this morning despite the confidence left inside me yet, sang it with all my heart and might. Kahit alam kong nawawala ako sa tono at nagfa-flat ang boses ko, it didn't bothered me because I realized I was singing to my ever dearest best friend and creator, Lord Jesus, who transformed me and made me into the person I never thought I would have become. :)

Imagine, napakanta ako sa harap ng maraming tao sa church na hindi ko kilala at sa harap pa ng isang talented recording artist. Goodness!!! Hahaha. Apparently, this is the person that I am today. Dahil sa sobrang in love ko sa Kanya, I can do all things I never thought possible. All because of Jesus Christ. :)

My favorite line: ♫♫ "O kay buti ng Diyos at ako'y binago Nya." ♪♪

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