Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Weddings: Time to hit the Beach!

I've lost count to how many Fridays I went on missing to blog out for my Friday Wedding feat. I've been so preoccupied lately that I almost lost track of what's happening around me. Thanks to my dear sister who reminded me to get a life. So now, I'm back on my feet again. Thank you very much!☺

So last night, I prepared my TO DO LIST and my schedule for the succeeding four months, that's May to August. I know I'm pretty over reacting for that matter. Well, I guess sometimes you need to push yourself hard so you'd know where your limits can get you and how far can you go. :)

I glued two notes today, one's inside my closet and the other's right on the top of my mirror across my bed. A short reminder in case I lost track of the day. Haha! It says: IT'S FRIDAY! BLOG YOUR HEART OUT!☺

I was thinking last night what topic to write for my Friday Wedding. And as I begin to write this down today, I still have no idea what to speak about. Until my friend, Bernadette, tweeted me something about her mom and her two brothers' Boracay trip without her this month of May. Does that ring a bell? A BORACAY BEACH WEDDING, indeed! :)

If you would ask me, I would definitely love to have a beach wedding. That's if I'd be wed on a summer and to a rich guy who can afford one. Come on, let's be practical here. A beach wedding? Especially in Boracay? Well yeah, Boracay is overrated. And a Boracay beach wedding? Almost as cliché.

I know it could be anyone's dream to have their wedding at the white sand of Boracay. Who wouldn't, right?

But for me.. for whatever its worth, as long as the love of my life is there ready to marry and commit his life with me and love me unconditionally for the rest of his life.. I guess, wherever it is, may it be in Boracay, or down south Batangas or just anywhere.. it doesn't matter. After all, it's just a ceremony compared to the life long commitment of undying love that the couple should uphold.

Nonetheless, if my future groom has the money to splurge on for a Boracay wedding, why not? Hahaha. A wedding is a wedding. And a Boracay wedding is a perfect dream wedding. Hahaha.☻

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