Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Weddings

This is gonna be my first entry for the Friday Weddings and the second feature entry for my blog. 100 Days Photo Challenge, being the first one I featured last year.

So here it goes.

Since November last year, I've been fond of looking at wedding pictures and videos. No, I'm not getting married (and in fact, I've never been into any relationships for exactly a year now), it's just that watching those videos and viewing those pictures reminds me how it is wonderful to be in love. And, of course getting your dream wedding.

If given the chance to meet a guy, get marry someday and have enough money to spend for my dream wedding, I would not miss the chance of getting these great photographers and videographers. Everyone deserves a perfect wedding after all!

Let me share you some of my favorite shots from different photographers.

The effect and the gown are so perfect!

I love the DIY props. Nice pre nup photo ideas, too!

Love the effect and the ambiance.

My favorite wedding photo in black and white effect! Almost perfect! 

And, the most romantic wedding shot I've ever seen! Great idea! This will definitely go down my list! ;-)

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