Wednesday, December 14, 2011

R is for Roffel

Had not been for Facebook, I wouldn't get the chance to reconnect and reunite once again with my High School classmates and friends in Camarin. So to Mark Zuckerberg, indeed you really are a genius! I bet a lot of people would die to personally thank you for inventing such a powerful social network site that made everyone, if not all, hooked into it instantly, met their boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife online, get to see some old friends, neighbors and former relationships and crushes.. and transform people into stalkers! AHAHAHA. True story.

Anyway, if you were to ask me two years ago who is Roffel Martinez.. I might probably give you two answers. One, she's a former senior classmate of mine, and second, a mere acquaintance. Nothing more, nothing less.

In a few weeks this video presentation's event shall reach its second year anniversary. This was our first "MINI" reunion after eight long years from graduating in High School. January 09, 2010 at Philmer's Clinic.

This event changed everything. A new friendship was built and created and blossomed out of the blue. A former acquaintance I used to know is now more than a classmate and a friend to me.

And if you were to ask me now who is Roffel Martinez.. she's a formidable woman. The male species look at her with vicious eyes and ensnaring thoughts. She walks her walk; talks her talk. Smiles like an innocent but tempting and oozing with charisma. She's simple yet bursting with personality. She loves green and hates people who pass judgment carelessly. A great friend but can be your worst nightmare. And, most importantly, she's a bestfriend now. My babe. :)

Sure I have many things to learn about her and it's something I really look forward to. It's only surprising that we only get to know NOW that we enjoyed each other's company more than anything. Had I known before that she's madaldal (but not as much as I do haha), simple, jologs at times like me haha, mababaw, hindi "ganun" kaarte haha, maldita most of the time (also like me) LOL, I think we would have been best friends na way back pa. But then again, I guess that's how life works. So unpredictable and very surprising. :)

So to you babe, Happy Happy Birthday. I love you so much, alam mo yan! ;-) I wish you all the happiness the world can offer, a great life ahead with Inchang and a man you truly deserve, good health, peace of mind and above all, a love story that you'll be most proud to tell your future grandchildren someday. ♥

This video is for you babe. 

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