Thursday, December 29, 2011

Live the moment!

I think I am more in love on Christmas than I am on Valentine's. I just feel so overwhelmed with all the love and all the gift-giving (despite the drama, the sh*t and the stress)... It made me want to cry. So melodramatic! Hahaha!

And just as 2011 draws to a close, I still manage to be taught a lesson --- LIVE THE MOMENT! Some people miss out on their happiness not because they didn't find it, but because THEY DID NOT STOP TO ENJOY IT. So if there's anything worth doing at all... it's worth doing slowly. Enjoy every moment of it as if it's your last. ♥

2012... I'm soooo ready for you! I'm a ROCK you like a hurricane!! :)

Dear Santa: Thanks for making me unexpectedly happy with butterflies on my stomach on Christmas Eve. Yuletide spirit is alive in me after all! :) xoxo

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