Monday, December 26, 2011


So it's Sunday and it's Christmas. :) I attended the 6pm mass with my nephew, Aki. We were 20 minutes late yet just in time for the homily and so lucky enough to grab a seat that was a little closer to the altar.

I wouldn't drop name for it's not my intention to humiliate, whatsoever. I just couldn't accept the fact that if you were to face your audience and gave them a homily, at least get yourself hundred percent ready and prepared. Because for one, people will listen to you and absorb all the things you will say. Second of all, you're trying to convey a message here and teach these people the word of God and make it so convincing that people will actually buy whatever it is you're trying to say. And lastly, people will eventually believe to whatever it is that you are trying to impart to them. Well, most likely. Syempre kapag Pari ka, people will expect that you know very well what you are talking about. So the least you can do is be prepared and learn your piece. I mean don't just stand right in front of us without even knowing what word to use. Bukod sa hindi mo na nga alam kung anong salita ang gagamitin, tinanong mo pa yung mga tao kung tama ba yung salitang obvious na hinulaan mo lang. Nung walang sumagot sa tanong mo, nagimbento ka na lang ng salita. Hahaha! You should've said it in Tagalog na lang. Siguro naintindihan pa kita. Hindi na rin sana kita na-grammar check! Natawa lang tuloy ako sa sinabi mo, and the worst part, nagkasala pa tuloy ako! Hahaha! Sorry, Baby J. ;P

I know I'm not in the position to say all these things because I, myself, admits that I'm also not good nor excellent, when it comes to grammar and all. Thank goodness, we live in a democratic society. Hindi ako perfect much less than you are. And I do understand that. Very much. Naintindihan kita. We all make mistake. However, what I am just trying to point out here is that, please.. if you're going to preach during homily, at least educate or familiarize yourself on what exact words to use when explaining things and how are they being used in a sentence. 

Inulit ulit mo na nga yung salita.. with emphasis pa. E paano na lang yung mga taong walang alam, maniniwala tuloy sila na yung salitang sinabi mo ay tama pala. For your information there is no such word as "HUMBLESSNESS." You had even pronounced it with conviction pa and slowly by syllables: "HAM-BLESS-NESS." Goodness!!! I would like to think that you know the word, humility at siguro nakalimutan mo lang because you were busy trying to impress (I don't know) or you were too overwhelmed because it was baby Jesus' birthday. Mabuti na lang at birthday Nya. Hehehe! :D

So sana next time, kahit scripted na yung homily mo, ayos lang yun. Just don't try to impress people. Which I'd like to think again that you're not really trying to impress whoever. Kasi hindi ka pa naman talaga Pari. What if there are some people in your audience like me who will scrutinize you. Who will criticize every words you utter. Ready ka na ba? More practice pa siguro. In fact, magaling ka naman eh. Kulang lang sa familiarity. Piece of advice: Don't just read. Learn every word you read and say them correctly. Know them. And own them. :)

But of course, we also have to remember that it's definitely OKAY to commit mistake. After all, we're all humans born to make a lot of them. Just don't overdo it. :)

Nevertheless, I think aside from that, nataranta ka lang siguro at biglang na-mental block. Yun siguro ang dahilan. Sayang ang cute mo pa naman kanina, minus pogi points ka tuloy. Hehehe. ;P

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