Saturday, October 8, 2011

Random Thoughts at 2 in the Morning

I like blogging and all...

But I just realized how much I miss talking to people. Like really talking to them. I miss real, physical interaction. (Not that I don't appreciate being "written" to and writing back...)

I just miss my friends and the conversations we had back then. Miss the way we were before the internet.

Yeah. That's it.

I miss ranting and raving in person. I miss seeing looks of surprise and disapproval and changes in tone and being scolded and ridiculed and patted on the back.

I miss being able to laugh and cry in front of them.

I miss finding a friend in a stranger I just met on the bus. And coffee dates. Not starbucks coffee pretentious dates. Like... Nescafe 3-in-1 whilst walking around somewhere, finding a bench and just... talking. Aimlessly. Endlessly. Without looking at the time.

It's funny now, how there are so many means to communicate with people nowadays... thru text, facebook, twitter, email, and other what-have-you...

But people don't really "communicate" anymore.

God, I need to go somewhere alone, a bar perhaps and find me a stranger to talk to.

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