Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 11: A picture of you and your bestfriend

Okay. This is the hard part. Since I couldn't think of just one photo or which photo to post because I will be bias to other people I considered my bestfriend, so I decided to post a photo with each of them. Don't worry, they're just few and won't take too much of your time.

She's my walking diary, my worst enemy yet my number one fan, my shock-absorber and my fashion critic, the one person who backs me up when I did something wrong and whom I know will never leave me behind when the world has seem to turned their backs on me, she's my sister since day one and my bestfriend forever, Ezel.
♥Petname: Zelai

 My very first close friend in Law School who also turned out to be my bestest friend, Marie.
♥Petname: Dear

My super bestfriend and a sister-by-heart, Amy. The very first person to have me signed in a contract as a witness to her lifetime commitment of marriage to her husband.
♥Petname: Sissy, Hippie

My buddy in everything, you name it! He's Vincent, the very first real guy best friend I have.
♥Petname: Vicencio

 I consider this man my bestfriend. The thing is, he didn't know I consider him one. Haha! He will know it one day for sure. That's when he gets to read this! Hahaha..
 ♥Petname: Doc

 We used to be just former classmates and today, I never thought I would share a special bond of friendship with her. I guess that's how life works. Before I know her as Roffel and as of this writing, she's my bestfriend, my Babe. :)
♥Petname: Babe

We've been friends since forever. Our barkada calls her the 'bratatatatatatat lady'. Hahaha. She's one hell of a tough person but has a heart as big as you can imagine. You may easily misinterpret her the way she speak her mind but only to those who doesn't know the real her. I lover her dearly.
♥Petname: Bru, Donita, Primadonna

The only person among my college barkada whom I have never had serious issues with. We believe kasi that sometimes you don't have to explain everything, let your heart and your friendship of eight years do the talking and forgiving. :) See, she's like that! You may think she's sosyal or whatever but she's the most 'jologs' and 'coboy' person you can ever meet. :) I just simply love her!
♥Petname: Bru, Bertah, Manding

I seriously think that this girl is my soulmate.*yuuuuuuuuuck* Hahaha. She's the only person in this universe who I think alike, whom I can speak sarcasm with without she or I being offended, whom I can talk about anything under the sun and whom I know has never judged me and will never judge me even if I give her the right to. I love her with all my heart.
♥Petname: Bru, Lulai, Ms. Minchin, Simang

The most genuine, soft-hearted, kindest and funniest person I have ever met in my whole life. I just love everything about him. His simplicity, his kindness, his antics, his dance move(you should see it! haha), his jologs moments, his wit, intelligence and how he sees life and how he deals with it, his corny jokes and how he cracked them, his heart.. everything! I think he's my destiny. LOL
♥Petname: Bru, Paulie, Polita, Merly, Merlat 

My most favorite person in the world. He's the object of my affection and the apple of my eye. We used to be boyfriend-girlfriend before. But even so, we consider ourselves not just that bf-gf but we were like 'mag-barkada', buddies, a team, we're partners in crime, my confidante, lovers (haha) and bestfriends. He's the only person who knows everything about me, EVERYTHING. Family, my favorites, those not-so-good-things about me and even my darkest secret, he knows it! Hahaha!
♥Petname: Mahal, Gorgeous, Sexy, Iantot, Yanyan, Popot, Potskie, Patotskie

My newest BFF, Jaja. Our friendship is currently in this stage where we're just enjoying each other's company and share a piece of ourselves one step at a time. And I guess that's the beauty of it, you get to enjoy life and share it with another soul who's willing to give a part of her. We have a long road of journey ahead of us and I'm so thrilled to know her better each day. Ü
Petname: Beb, Bebeb♥

See, konti lang naman sila di ba? Hahaha. :P

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